Kelly Convirs Fowler

House of Delegate 21st District

Kevin O'Brien

Clerk of Circuit Court

Candidates running for office in the November 7th Election representing the Democratic Party:

Delegate Cliff Hayes

House of Delegate 77th District

Election Results Watch & Celebration

D'Cracked Egg

2044 Atlantic Avenue

All attending is asked to pay $10 online

November 7th 7-10pm

Committee Board

Chair - Les Smith

1st Vice Chair - Dr. Ella Ward

2nd Vice Chair - Glen Francis

Treasurer - Michael Malone

Secretary- Eileen Huey

Financial Secretary - James Taliaferro

Parliamentarian - David Washington

‚ÄčSergeant at Arms - Lenard Myers

Kimberly Anne Tucker

House of Delegate 81st District

Delegate Matthew James

House of Delegate 80th District